Review request

(I peaked rank after the game, I died honorably I guess, they went easy on me, thanks stranger)

Le questions:
-At move 33, AI gives a whooping 21% drop because I played H13 and not J13. Why?..
-Why the insistence to play at N3 for black in the first 30ish moves? I followed the AI variation, I don’t understand what it gives me.
-At move 59, shouldn’t I protect the cut? It suggests Q13, but it seems too far.
-At move 70ish, it starts recommending going under W on the right, but that’s above my paygrade, what does it want to do?
-(I now realize I completely forgot about taking the P6 stone, ouch.)

I guess I’ve acquired the habit of playing once in a blue moon and asking for a review afterwards :woman_shrugging:

H13 / J13 pulling back helps with the cutting points (it’s a tesuji shape good to remember. The thing being to play a Keima from the weak stone) Now I can’t tell much more than that.
demo on this shape.
A thing to consider is the ladder on the P6 stone which keep aji, and this is part of the reason why the insistence to play at N3 (your 2d question)

for 59 see variation in game

After 70 AI propose you indeed to attack the right white group, it’snot just to take points there but to deny a life base for white.

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Experimenting with using Γ to indicate a hane, because it looks a bit like one.

Move/s Comment/s
5 Unusual approach. R6 would’ve been ordinary. With that in mind, you should expect an odd result.
6 White could’ve played a bit more quietly with wR5 R10 N3. The pincer is also reasonable though.
7 Diving into the 3-3 was also an option, but attaching looks fine as well. If you dive into the 3-3 then expect bR4 R4 Q3 P4 S4Γ S5Γ S3 R5 O3, ie. a variant of Play Go at! | OGS
8 Not sure about this. I would expect R4Γ, continuing wR4Γ R5 Q3 O6, or – a bit more advanced – wR4Γ S3Γ S5+ S4 Q3 S5.
10 Feels mistaken. It would be natural for White to prevent the bulge with Q6, eg. continuing wQ7 S7 Q7.
11 Taking the bulge is strong, since White failed to prevent it.
13 This is a sharp and cool move, but it would be a bit more natural to first make the tiger pair shape with P7, disconnecting Q9.
15 I’m pretty sure R2 is refuted by P3, which attacks the R3 stones whilst threatening to capture the Q4 stones with P5.
18 As White, I’d prefer to atari first at Q7 to break the ladder.
19 The key move. Your result in the overall joseki, imo, is better than White’s. Your group is strong, Q9 is weak and White’s corner group is a little overconcentrated.
21 Since you’re now thick on the right side, it’d be worthwhile to consider a pincer.
23 Your shape in the top right calls for N17, or else White can exploit the aji in that area with O17.
25 This is fine. You could, though, if you wanted to, kick first eg. bE17 F16 J16/17. That would remove White’s option to dive into the 3-3. Your play in this corner was very good imo.
30 Too soon. White should try to move out with something like J16 or even H16.
31 Nice move; White failed to move out, so sealing off the side is a strong way to play.
33 This net doesn’t work. I might just play L16 and make some shape on the side, or to be more aggressive H14, J14, J13…
35 You absolutely have to block now at J14. It’s much more damaging to your position for White to push through to the east (where your potential points are) than to the south (which is dame).

I think until (35) at least, you played very strongly. I would review more but I haven’t the time right now.


Move 33 was too tight. Black can’t defend all these cuts:

In situations like these, you can think about casting a wider net. Either knight’s move below could work. You can block fiercely at A or build territory on both sides with B while the group runs into the center.


Is my initial, it makes me so utterly confused :confused:


Do you mean a hane on the R4 stone? If so, which way?

You mean O17? Hm, it does make sense. When I wonder what I should have done in a specific area differently, but AI is focused on a completely different area, it’s no help at all…

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I think I made the same mistake in another game recently… I thought an area towards the center was mine and then ataris started happening. It hurt a bit.



“R4, which is a hane”

I use other symbols as well, like


“R4, which is an atari”


“R4, which is a capture”

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it’s not always a bad move if you can resist the cuts in some way and use the lack of liberties of the stones pushing through the weaknesses.(by taking sente for ex).
But there is all in all a nice idea to explore, that sometimes, just by playing a bit more far away, things magically work better.


I was thinking that when I try to protect a cut, my opponent plays that move and I have to kill that stone and then I lose initiative… and then… lightbulb…

Ah! Sente. :bulb: (yes, I’m a slow learner :woman_shrugging: )

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