Review Requested by pouta 9x9 22k

pouta requested a review and I have provided one. The review is longer than usual and contains many variations. The comments were made directly in the chat box of the match in question. The game is two 22k players fighting it out. I hope someone else finds this helpful.


  1. The game was improperly scored so I replayed it under Many Faces of Go and uploaded the SGF to OGS.

  2. The game score was adjusted in the SGF on OGS, but the territory and dame are still not shown correctly. So I’ve taken a screenshot of MFOG and made it available.

  3. I am also uploading the SGF here so that anybody who wants it has access. This SGF, unlike the OGS SGF, contains a link to the screenshot in the comments. However, no other comments have been added to the SGF from the match.

PMEve vs pouta - OGS game had bad scoring, MFOG shows it correctly.sgf (1.5 KB)