Review this 18k game

I’m playing go for 2 or 3 months now and i need to review some games. Here:

(i) - A game that i resigned because i was passing and my opponent made to the end.

(ii) - A game that i lost.

Sometimes a lose games very fast, maybe my fighting skills are bad.

Here a curious game that i resigned but, i really did not know what to do and was lost when a sow the board divided in two. I was in doubt if was needed to invade my opponent or if he could invade me.


Probably this is a double digit kyu style of game hehe.

Any advice and suggestion for my games i will apreciate. Maybe i add some game that i won to have a better idea:

i reviewd the second game for you. its not quite done, but ill let you know once i finish it.

Thanks. This game was fun, and the review is helping. Sometimes i make this risk moves that against a stronger player, probably i would have a bad result in the end.

5k here reviewing game 3. Comments inside.

Not the best player, but I’ve reviewed most of the first game.