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Can someone explain why move 35 is bad?

Also if there’s any other big holes in my understanding it would be appreciated if someone pointed them out.

To me, move 35 isn’t bad. It presses White down, and White submitted to the pressure in gote—a profitable exchange. So it was really an excellent move from a psychological perspective.

I think White shouldn’t have jumped at move 36. That left a gap like an unanswered peep. Kyu players should almost always answer peeps, so you can consider the unanswered peep a bad shape. Crawling at G3 would have been good enough. The AI suggestion at H4 looks brave. You need to be confident that the four white stones won’t get cut off and killed. So G3 would have been perfectly ok.


I’m white. I was wondering why it wanted me to play h4. It doesn’t make sense to me.

I think there may a bit of confusion goin on.

Based on the latest response it feels you might be inquiring about move 36 (where the AI suggested H4), NOT 35.

I do not feel confident explaining why H4 is better as I would not play it myself :smiley: (G3 for me, thank you very much), F3 just leaves weaknesses for later, like the peep at G2 should the group ever need eye-space, or potential push and cut (later, not now) I guess.

but a word of cauting about AI reviews, the win ratio, is really not intuitive for us humans. If you switch to score difference mode, you will see that the estimated score loss is about 4 points. Which is VERY little difference for a DDK game in my opinion and thus I would not consider it an actual mistake if I were you. Just not an optimal move, but not a bad one.

The win ratio can change dramatically, just because the AI is strong enough to safely keep a 4 point advantage in most games, but for most humans it is a very small difference.


Wow. Switching to score is a lot more helpful.

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