Review - Unable To Creation Variation Of Actual Gameplay

While trying to build a review I encountered a situation where I couldn’t create a variation. I am giving a review, discussing my hopes for the coming terms, and sharing variations. One of the variations I wish to share is of the next five turns of actual gameplay (as this was my primary hope at the time I made a gamble in a game).

I am unable to do this though, as placing stones on the board in their proper order actually skips moves the game through its normal turn sequence. It seems impossible to create such a variation. Have I assessed the situation correctly, or is there a way to actually do this?

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Correct, branches diverge where they differ. While they are identical, they do not diverge.

I just figured out that each stone in a review didn’t have a dedicated chat log. I now realize they are universal. So to share a variation of actual gameplay, all I have to do is hop five turns ahead, add the numbers to denote sequence, then mark it in the chat log as being a variation for turn 9.

Well, my problem is solved. Though I wish there were a way to attach variations to the note section.