Revive antique account?

I would like to reconnect with my antique account hman last used in 2006. I registered this one in order to be able to post in the forum.
I tried all my old passwords from that time (yes I have an encrypted history), none worked (possibly misspelling).
The password recovery email will not come, I suppose the account was linked to a defunct email address; I won’t spell them out in case somebody else is using those now, spambots and so on; the usual suspects are
my current account name at tin dot it
my old account name at dei university pd dot it.
Is there any chance of getting hman back? Connected to the email address now used with hhman? I am not looking for a better rank or whatever (obvious if you look at that account), I am just nostalgic and finally I have a chance to start playing again.
In that case this hhman can be obliterated (use the email address for hman)


Sent you a PM, check it out :slight_smile:


Thanks :tada: @AdamR :confetti_ball: