RGF recommendations for future tournaments


Rough translation omitting filler language

RGF recommendations for the prevention of new coronavirus infection to go events organizers.

  1. General cleaning of the premises (playroom and toilets, other service areas) using disinfectants before the opening of the sporting event.
  2. Organization of a daily, before the start of the first scheduled round of the day, “input filter” with contactless control of the body temperature of players and referees (participants). Removal of persons with elevated body temperature and / or with signs of respiratory infections (fever, cough, runny nose).
  3. Examination of the participants during the play day for signs of respiratory diseases.
  4. Organization of hand treatment with skin antiseptics (with ethyl alcohol content not less than 70%, isopropyl alcohol not less than 60%), including the installation of dispensers, at the entrance to the playroom.
  5. Restricting access to the playroom for persons not associated with the event. Providing access for spectators and media to specially designated areas in order to minimize contacts.
  6. Arrangement of tables with a distance of at least 1.5 meters between the players.
  7. Filling of the playing hall at the rate of 4 m^2 per 1 participant. Prohibition of eating in the playroom, also no tea, coffee, etc. (except for bottled water). Allocation of a specially designated room for eating with a dispenser for treating hands with a skin antiseptic.
  8. Disinfection of air in the playing hall.
  9. Training and briefing of judges on the prevention and spread of new coronavirus infection (including the use of personal protective equipment and the implementation of personal prevention measures).
  10. The use of personal protective equipment by participants (mask or filter respirator), use of gloves by judges.
  11. Control over the use of personal protective equipment by judges. Appointment of responsible persons from among the organizers who are responsible for the sanitation of sports equipment before each round. Judges should not provide personal phones, tablets, laptops for general use.
  12. Airing the premises after each round.
  13. Daily wet cleaning of all rooms, including common areas, toilet rooms, contact surfaces and door handles using disinfectants after the end of the play day