Richard Bozulich’s New Web Site: Go World Online

This is interesting … now head over to Go World Online and check it out for yourself!

Richard Bozulich¹ is the author of MANY Go books, founder of Ishi Press and Kiseido Publishing Company (some may remember that “Kiseido” was the original “K” in #KGS).

If you have ANY book about Go at all, chances are high that Richard Bozulich is the author or co-author.

¹ Richard Bozulich - Wikipedia
Richard Bozulich at Sensei's Library

My thanks :pray: for the notification ( goes to Anders Kierulf, of SmartGo fame, he’s also the inventor of the SGF format.


Quote from the main page

Yet in spite of the efforts of the world’s best programmers over the last 30 years, the level of computer Go remains about that of a human who has studied Go for a month.

my English is a bit short to understand the complete meaning of new but maybe something like reopening is better fitting?

Or maybe this is new content on an old website with some outdated blurb?

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Tbh I don’t think computers will ever be able to play Go at the same level as humans. Go demands a deep understanding of context, emotion, and the ability to innovate in complex situations, areas where machines fall short.

They were able to surpass us in chess because it is immensely less complex than Go and at the same time, more analytical, a domain where computers excel.



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The way you wrote this implies that the site linked by the OP has these words on it.

It does not.

Those words are on the publishing house’s website, and are in the context of other historical quotes.

The linked site, the one referred to as “new”, is a separate thing.


I went on this page from the page mentioned here. Separate is just a matter of one’s own appreciation.
Anyway these new pages have good quality.

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Yeah, it’s just one big internet, that’s for sure. So “Fox is better” just really means “We’re good” :sweat_smile: