Rickety five? Rabbitty six or bulky five! 😃

While entering Hashimoto puzzles on the Puzzle Page, I stumbled on this one.
I am quite sure that the 5 stones formation is called a rickety five. However when I searched the OGS forum, I didn’t find anything. Also searching the web didn’t give a result.
I do remember this term from one of the Beginners series that Ishi Press issued in the eighties/nineties (?). Maybe the term rickety five has gone out of fashion or was replaced by another word.
Anyone got a clue?

Unfortunately I don’t know about rickety five. The shape of the chain of stones that the last move connects to, is sometimes called rabbitty six I believe.


I’ve heard that shape being called ‘rabbitty six’ which should be dead as is

Darn, martin beat me to it >___>


Never heard about rickety anything, but in case the number was more important than the actual ammount of stones showed :smiley: there is “bulky five”


I could very well be wrong about this. After almost thirty years it is not unlikely that my memory is playing tricks on me :slight_smile:
But I will try to find the source and report. Later.

Edit: James Davies wrote a paragraph (p. 26-29) on the rabbity six in his book Life and death (Elementary Go Series, Ishi, 1975).

Wonder where I picked up the rickety.

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maybe your brain smushed bulky 5 and rabbity 6 together and somehow came out with rickety 5 :man_shrugging:


Bulky 5, rabbity 6. Ok
Rickity never heard. Maybe a name given for the shape resulting from capturing a connected ponnuki?