Right clicking the number of games icon navigates to the next game

I do not think this is correct behavior. I would think that the “correct” decision would be to either a) make it a link, with ordinary behavior upon right-clicking, or b) have right-click be ignored by the handler.


Take a look at this thread and add your comments back here.

Also, what do you consider ordinary behavior for Right-Click?

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I think @hyperpape is just suggesting that the button should be implemented as and behave like any other link that you find on a webpage, where the browser handles the left and right-click behaviors. This could be useful since right-clicking on a link (in many browsers) offers various options in a menu, such as opening the link in a new tab/window. On the other hand, (usually by default) the browser will simply navigate to a left-clicked link in the same tab/window.

For example, on the home page of the site, you can left-click on the thumbnails of your ongoing games to navigate to them directly in the same tab/window, but you still can right-click on them to open them in new tabs/windows.

However, currently, the button behavior appears to be implemented with javascript that makes both left and right click simply navigate to the next game in the same window.

I like @hyperpape’s suggestion, since it improves the usability of the site.

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Just note that I asked to have the comments made here.

Sorry, I misunderstood your intent in bringing up that old thread. However, it’s neither here nor there, as the two threads are discussing two related but quite different design questions.

The old thread you linked was concerned over where the button takes you, but this thread is concerned about how the interaction with the button works.

When you ask something like “what do you consider ordinary behavior for Right-Click?”, my response in the context of this thread would be “offer the standard options menu that is provided by the browser when right-clicking on a link”. However, in the context of the old thread, it’s a whole other debate about which specific game you should ultimately navigate to.

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yebellz: You’ve guessed my meaning perfectly. By “ordinary behavior”, I simply mean for the javascript handler to ignore right clicks and propagate the event, letting the browser create the ordinary context menu.

The behavior of left-clicking the button is fine by my lights, but a right-click should (probably?) never have the same treatment as a left-click.


OK, I think I see part of my confusion.

On my system, right-click is select and left-click is menu.

I agree that menu-click shouldn’t do the same as select-click.