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Hello everybody.

I don’t know how is called the black button of number of games that you need to do a move, but I mean that option. Can you do that when I click I go to my next game with less time? I got a lot of correspondence games and someday I can’t do a move in all and there are games of “3 days with fischer time” that I moved when I am near losing for time. If this button carries to the games with less time to move, I will be thankful.

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This is another request for the same thing I mentioned in my post.

I really think the next game button (games waiting, or whatever it is really called) should go to the game with the least time remaining.


What should it do if you are already viewing the game with the least time left then?

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Ok, I saw that someone did write it :wink:

Good question.

My first inclination is that it should reload the current page.

However, it needs to make a change. Therefore, it should load the Home Page which has the list of current games. This will place the user one click away from the game with least remaining time.

Another alternative is to load the game with the least time other than the current one. It they click it again one there, they will come back to the current game. This has the benefit of making the action code consistent: Always go the the game with the least time not counting the game that is currently in view on the tab where the button was clicked. If there is already a tab open with that game, it should be brought to the front. This may be handled by the browser.

Finally, one could pop up a message that the current game is the one with the least remaining time.


I’m sorry Traveller, but I really do hate the three of your alternatives.

Right now it works as a “next game” button, meaning I can browse the whole of them by repeatedly clicking on it. If I don’t want to make a move in any of my games, I just skip it. I do think that was the intention all along (there’s no point in looping you in only two games, if you want to see the rest).

I do agree that it should take you to the games in order by remaining time on the clock, starting with that which has the least time on it. In my experience that’s exactly what happens, but perhaps I’ve not payed enough attention.

In any case, that behavior shouldn’t change, fixed, if bugged, that is all.

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No worries, Leira. I’m happy for any feedback.

If the button will cycle through all the games to be played, this is desirable behaviour and should be retained.

I think the issue is that the order is not as expected. I know when I was playing many games, this would not reliably give me the one with the least time remaining.

Again, I’m fine with it cycling through all games. The order should be known (something for the documentation) and “least time first” should be an option (maybe even the default).

The remaining issue is when the pointer in the cycle gets reset. Since one can cycle, there is already some state being maintained. I’ll have to think about the events I would want to make the pointer reset. If the list changed (a move has been played and now there is another game in the “awaiting move” state), I’d want to go to that new game if it is the one that is now the game I have with the least time remaining. Other than that, I don’t know. A time-based reset might be expected by some, but the value where it should occur will be very personal. The cycle should start at the top when I first arrive at the server which is easy. The problem will be what to do with players that leave a window or tab open to something like chat.

BTW, whatever happens when the button is pressed should also be the action when the auto advance triggers. I think this is what is happening, but I turned off auto advance because the next game wasn’t the one I wanted in time order.


The problem of the games not going in the correct order is really annoying. If I have a lot of urgent games, I have to click the home button every time. There’s no such problem in DGS.


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