Rounding rather than truncating remaining time

The remaining time in a correspondence game is usually displayed in hours or days, provided that it is greater than 24h.

In particular, the number of minutes is not indicated.

This is fine, but I think it would be much better if the time was rounded rather than truncated.

For instance, I had exactly 48h remaining on my clock in a game with “Fisher: increments by 1 day per move up to a maximum of 2 days”; and my opponent played their move a few seconds ago. Now my time is displayed as “47h”, both in the “Active games” category and on the game page itself; and there is no way to see that it’s actually 47h59min50s, which is extremely close to 48h, and pretty far from 47h.

So this is my suggestion:

When the remaining time is displayed in hours or days, please show the rounded time rather than the truncated time.

I don’t think I’d mind which is in effect really.

I think if you come back to your game at a random time, regardless of which is in use, rounded or truncated time, you still won’t know exactly how much time you have.

I think the window of uncertainty will still be the same also.

The current version, assuming it’s just truncating say, will mean that if you see 46h remaining you have somewhere between 46-47h remaining as in 46:00 - 46:59 say.

While in the new version if you see 46h remaining, it’s somewhere between 45:30-46:30 and how the endpoints are included will depend on the choice of rounding.

I think I slightly prefer the current version, but I’m not opposed to either.

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I prefer rounding down because I feel it’s safer to calculate as to not timeout, but I don’t have strong feelings.


To round up or round down, that is the question.
Just a matter of taste, tradition, etc.

But I do understand @ArsenLapin1 's point.
It is confusing to read 47 h and knowing you are much closer to 48 h.
And 47.9 h gives more info than 47 h.