Royal Leela scoring has problems

In both Chinese and Japanese it will score some live groups as either dead or pointless. I manually counted and the official score doesnt reflect the actual score.

I suggest that you provide an example where this happens and send it to the developer of Leela.
Here’s his website:
You can find his e-mail address and IRC handle on the front page.

On the other hand, you may have encountered an issue with OGS autoscoring. All bot games on OGS are autoscored to prevent abuse. The scoring is performed by the score estimator, which is unable to recognize certain situations. This is a bug that has been described here before, and fixing it is on the developers’ to-do list. :slight_smile:


Whoops :slight_smile: I only know that the GTP specification includes a command to ask the bot for the score and status of the stones. I just assumed that OGS uses that.

Yeah, please don’t report OGS bugs to the developer of Leela.


Yeah it’s probably more of the auto-scoring than the actual bot’s problem. Thanks for the replies!

Eventually we might have bots able to communicate dead stones to OGS and continue play if there is disagreement, but currently it relies solely on OGS auto scoring. Leela never passes into a loss. So if she passes and loses, it’s because how she scores the board disagrees with how OGS scores the board.