Rules (updated June 16)

Okay thanks ! There’s another thing I don’t understand : the current ladder is based on overall ratings (so, scores in the thousands), but we get one point per victory. How does the reshuffle work ? Many thanks :slight_smile:

And is there a standard for who reports scores, both for wins and reviews?

Also, as I understand it, you get 3 points for either giving or receiving or (more likely) giving and receiving a review of your own game, but not other players’ games. You only get points from reviewing other players’ games if one or more persons really likes your review and awards you one point apiece. Is this correct?

@Samraku - No, you can review ANY game you want. You can only get points from receiving review of your own games, though :stuck_out_tongue:

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But you do get the 3 points upfront for reviewing other peoples’ games?

Yup. You can submit those 3 points yourself, but only others can submit 1-point-apiece likes :smile:

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Of course we have to do this manually for now. The new TNL website is in the works.

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So if we wish to review other TNL games, where do we find the list of games played so that we can do it? Also, I assume there will be a list of reviews somewhere that we can look over and upvote? I don’t see any info about this in the forum or on the TNL site.

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Google Drive says I need permission to access whatever you just posted.

same here (about permission)

Oops, link updated. Now everyone should be able to see it, I think! :smile:

Please try to make sure that points for you and your opponents are submitted. I don’t think that everyone knows to submit the form. So it would be a public service if you would discuss with your opponent who is going to submit which points.

There is a link for submitting scores on the group’s homepage:

You can check what has been submitted for your games here:


And you can see how they have been transferred to the score spreadsheet here:


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