Ruling Question

Hey guys I’m new to Go, and I just played a game assuming that I had the top portion of this board covered, could someone explain to me why it didn’t count as points me?


The stone on J12 is not marked dead. If you keep playing, White K13 will kill the black stones on the right, and white can take quite a few points.

I added some comments to the game.

Do you know what “group status”, “dead” and “alive” mean in the context of go?

The 3 black stones at K12 are dead (black has no way to save them) and white’s stone at J12 is alive (black has no way to capture it). This means that black’s boundary around the top portion of the board is breached. The area touches living stones of both colors. Thus it is no-man’s land, a.k.a. a neutral area.

If black had continued instead of passing, black could still have created a boundary further back to seal off the left part as black territory:

However, this would not have affected the game result, because white still has more territory overall than black.

Also, these don’t affect the top, but:

whiteN2 would catch M1+M2, in either connect-and-die
or a snapback. ​ blackN2 would secure that corner.

Oiotoshi at Sensei's Library
Snapback at Sensei's Library

blackH6 would make H7 a point for Black. ​ whiteH6 would make H7 neutral.

DN64 is 25 kyu.
Maybe the Learn to play Go section can help.

Especially …