Rumors about anti-cheat

So many rumors are slithering around. Word travels fast. So much faster than the truth.

Rephrasing and focusing on the gist of it, and enhancing to make it more interesting, the rumor goes like this.

At the end of this month, closed beta for admins only of the new KGS client will take place, and later in April a release is expected for everyone. They will add AI evaluation graph. Each game played will be computer analyzed by the server, and after the game you can immediately see where the mistakes were made.

Anti-cheating tools is also introduced. What about OGS? Everything for KGS will be developed by the author of OGS. On OGS anti-cheating tools will also be implemented.

Selling for what I bought. As in “I am just repeating what I have heard (said when a person repeats rumors or another person’s words and therefore does not want to be held responsible for them, cannot vouch for their truthfulness etc)”


This one I find the least plausible… unless…


There is no way anoek built them a new client, but it is theoretically possible he is sharing the new anti cheat code he’s working on with aga and egf

These rumours are not something that have made it even to us mods though, which if true doesn’t seem like something he would hide unless pressured to by the aga for some reason?


Ohh makes sense. AGA does own KGS right?

My question is: when do we get to eat KGS?


Technically AGF owns KGS, not AGA, but I assume the two are somewhat close.

We are not actively pursuing the acquisition of KGS, but should the upkeep become too much for AGF and no other interested parties step forward, we would assimilate them into the OGS collective to keep them, their history and their legacy, from completely dying.


Oh no! I thought my donations were going to cheap go sets not dying Go servers!

They both wear many hats.

Anti-cheat could be joint effort by Western go people, considering how complicated it could be.

We have one screenshot. It’s already something.