Run Level 3 AI for games with high viewership

Would this be a difficult feature to implement does anyone know? Imagine some kind of trigger that if neither player is a site supporter but their game gets more than X viewers then it qualifies to have a level 3 ai review run at the end automatically.

I mean you could stagger it if that was preferred either, like 25 viewers at once = level1, 50=level 2 and 100=level 3.


With a very high viewership, it’s also likely that one of the viewers will be a supported that could choose to run an AI review at the end.

I agree with your proposal and I think it would be a good idea to just to do it automatically for games with very high interest, for the sake of promoting both the games and the features of OGS. However, a downside would be that (depending on the threshold set to trigger an automatic review), this could significantly increase the computational burden placed on the AI analysis servers.

Another related idea: for very high profile games that might attract large live viewership, automatically provide AI analysis to the spectators during the course of the game (with the option for individual spectators to disable/hide it, of course).


How about: If a game gets linked via the announcement feature, then it definitely gets the level 3 AI review? Because this often happens for interesting tournament games, which this proposal is probably targeted at.
And this would keep the total amount of games for which level 3 runs low, as there are not that many games linked via announcements.


I like these ideas, I’ll let them in mind for next time I’m in that code


Maybe better to leave it for after total view count for games is implemented. Or whatever metric we wanted.

I feel like OGS is missing a trick at the moment though, by not jumping on this sooner rather than later.

There was about 230 people watching the EGF womens final just there, although I only checked at the end.

In theory the short term solution would just be to see if a mod could just run the ai review, although I suppose it’s not guaranteed one would be online. Although someone sets up the banner, I guess it’s not clear they would still be around by the end of the game.

Edit: I suppose what one user did is also a solution, just download the sgf, upload to sgf library and then link it in chat with the review run.

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You could try sending me a PM, that might usually work if I’m online :slight_smile:

I think I’ve let KataGo loose on the game you probably referred to.

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Nice, yeah that was the game :slight_smile: I mean the 90 people left could just have the tab open, but maybe they’ll be curious about the AI.

I’ll try doing that in future :slight_smile: