Russian Go Federation disqualified player for cheating

(loose translation from federation’s site, mostly google translate because I’m lazy)

On September 12 this year, the organizers of the 24th international PandaNet tournament contacted Russian Go Federation with a request to clarify the situation with a participant from Russia under the nickname Azzaza, who took part in their tournament. This player, registered with rating of 3 dan, in the qualifying games showed the result of 24 wins and 2 losses, he defeated 3 players of 8 dan, 3 players of 7 dan and 9 players of 6 dan, not counting 5,4 and 3 dan. Since significant material prizes were awarded in the tournament, the organizers asked the player to clarify. They turned out to be a player from St. Petersburg Dmitry Dranishnikov 10 kyu (RGF profile -; EGF profile -; nicknames on Pandanet and Tygem - Azzaza; nickname KGS - drogba987). He explained his unusually strong performance by the fact that he studied hard, and his low rating - by the fact that he rarely performs in official tournaments. Since this explanation did not satisfy the organizers, they turned to the federation for help.

In the course of the initiated investigation, using the system of statistical analysis of the parties, 5 games of Dmitry Dranishnikov from the qualifying round of the PandaNet tournament and one from the Insei League tournament held on the KGS server were analyzed. The results of this analysis undoubtedly established the fact of using artificial intelligence in all these games. In two lost games, Dranishnikov also used AI, but in one case he lost by disconnect, and in the other, having a decisive advantage, he allowed himself several own independent moves, and due to the unskilled use of AI (presumably Leela), he could not understand that he was starting to lose the advantage.

Dranishnikov himself refused to study the charges against him and the evidence of his cheating and generally refused dialogue. Based on these facts and taking into account the serious reputation damage inflicted on the Russian Go-community, the Federation Executive Committee decided to disqualify Dmitry Dranishnikov for a period of two years - until September 17, 2021. During this period, Dranishnikov is not allowed to participate in official competitions. The leadership of the federation also warns event organizers from admitting Dranishnikov to unofficial tournaments.

The leadership of the Federation will firmly fight against fraud in the game and will make every possible effort to identify such cases and bring the perpetrators of cheating to justice.

Vice-President of Russian Go Federation, head of the anti-cheating commission Maxim Podolyak.



I don’t know about you all, but to me it’s a huge relief to see that the EGF and European Go organizations have a process in place to handle accusations of cheating.

I was vaguely aware that something was being prepared after the incident in the 2017/18 season of the Pandanet Team Championship. Now it is tested and working. This means that European tournaments are trustworthy and reliable in dealing with cheaters.


I can only really say, thank you for bringing is the news.

Its deeply dissapointing that we have such cheeters, in our global and indeed European Go community, but it is also reassuring to know that such incidents of cheeting, are beeing dealt with properly, and efficiaently.

Knowing that there is procedure in place in case this happens again, should i think, ensure the credibility, and longevity of the reputation of the European go ciommunities, and indeed all go organisations therein.

Thanks again for bringing this to everyones attention.


For people interested in studying games I downloaded all games from pandanet (matched nicknames here).


01 dmaki.sgf (3.0 KB)
02 jj9394.sgf (5.5 KB)
03 MOMOTA6.sgf (5.4 KB)
04 sam572.sgf (2.4 KB)
05 frogs.sgf (2.6 KB)
06 Tadatadata.sgf (5.3 KB)
07 aa1515.sgf (3.4 KB)
08 takapujo.sgf (4.7 KB)
09 mochan.sgf (5.1 KB)
10 Suikazura.sgf (6.0 KB)
11 dddtop9.sgf (3.9 KB)
12 UrquinaOna.sgf (2.8 KB)
13 mina.sgf (4.3 KB)
14 alongridge.sgf (5.4 KB)
15 Lockhart.sgf (4.9 KB)
16 miracle531.sgf (5.9 KB)
17 ss250719ss.sgf (4.0 KB)
18 lanmei.sgf (5.2 KB)
19 ZHILIAO.sgf (2.3 KB)
20 fernando.sgf (2.9 KB)
21 yuki2828.sgf (2.4 KB)
22 nipparat.sgf (5.5 KB)
23 Avacado.sgf (4.6 KB)
24 Richie.sgf (5.5 KB)
25 Centos7.sgf (2.5 KB)
26 camekishi.sgf (2.3 KB)