Russian Go Federation rank histogram

Previously we looked at OGS ranks:

And now let’s do the same for players from RGF base:


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Hmm… Interesting to see how many people are below 25k… Brings some new data to the discussion of whether ranks below that value have meaning…

It never really feels like someone is below 25k when their rank still says 25k. You guys should make it so people can have separate ranks, even below 25k.

There are always not enough statistics on real life not professional games, so rank of everyone is outdated

The trick is that weaker players have big deviation. In graphs above I didn’t do anything with deviation. But if we separate players by 150 deviation. We see a much more normal distribution. But note, in this system higher ranks have lesser deviation by design, and lower ranks have higher deviation by design (I think). So cutting it at 150 across the ranks isn’t really fair.