Russian tournament played on OGS

At the same time in several cities of Russia took place competitions on Go. The Russian mining company Polymetal was able to organize a tournament among its employees in different branches of the country. Seventy-nine participants from Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Amursk, Nursultan (Kazakhstan), Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Magadan, Yakutsk, Petrozavodsk competed in the Go match. Sergey Ponomarev from St. Petersburg took the first place. The second place was given to Sergey Sheludchenko from Magadan. Alexey Mygakov from Yekaterinburg won the third place. Eugene Sus became the best player of Vladivostok branch Polymetal. He finished eighth overall. In the women’s competition Irina Blynova took the second place.

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Yeah, I saw that too.

Some different photos:
Tournament table:

Polymetal is one of the strongest go sponsors in Russia, I think. I always see their name here and there. And they made a corporate event for their employees. 79 participants is a lot, top tournament participation level. And you can see only 12 of them participated in official tournament before, so the rest are new people.

It is very nice to see it played on OGS. From my limited experience serious Russian go crowd are very much KGS people.I attribute it to older strong coaches. They played on KGS for 20 years, are used to it, conduct lectures and play teaching games using it, advise new players to use it. Even now Central Go School has their pupil’s tournament on KGS exclusively, for example. Which is why seeing a tournament played from what I can tell exclusively on OGS was very surprising. The tide is turning.



@S_Alexander if you have any connections with this crowd, and if any of them have some basic English skills, please do reach out to them and say the moderator team here is willing to help them plan and deploy future tournaments, and can help with site announcements, etc.

Obviously our resources are limited but if they have desires that would make hosting tournaments here easier / more appealing we are eager to hear such requests.


resourses may be limited but if ever a volunteer is needed, Feel free to call on me. Id be immensly interested in helping.


The hunt continues. I see two new tournaments in Russian Go Federation schedule. These are a continuation of the thread’s tournament.

Winner tournament (finals):
Runner-up tournament:

I wouldn’t trust what’s written there completely but here’s what it says. Tournament final is going to be held in real life between top 7 players from our tournament here plus seeded CEO. But the runner-up tournament it says it’s going to be on OGS again! So let’s wait December 26th.


Next tournament will be held on March 28th.


Excellent! Russia has a long, proud Chess history. So GO should be a natural fit! It seems there is growing interest in GO in Russia! Glad to see any assistance we could give!


That’s cool.