RWBY (Animesque show)

Has anyone here seen RWBY?

I did but only until the 14th episode of the first season. After that I got busy and forgot about it.
Thought on the series I think the idea is very cool but the pace was tooo slow. I heard they fixed that in the 2nd season, did they?

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A lot does happen, yes. I didn’t really feel like the first season was too slow, but there are more plot events happening in season 2. I definitely cannot wait for season 3.

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The intro of the series was totally kick ass, actually there were a lot of literal ass-kicking xD So I sort of expected the actual movie to be fast-paced. Maybe it wasn’t that slow, just my misplaced expectation.

Not to say it’s bad though. The plot was good, character design were catchy (c’mon, who doesn’t like watching teen girls killing monsters?) and the animation was definitely top-notch. The only thing I can complain is the voice acting. I’m too used to Japanese voice acting so the English voice actors sounded extremely amateur to me. The voice didn’t seem to fit the character at all.

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Watching teenage girls destroy monsters is very enjoyable. :slight_smile: