Saigo, a variable-komi ai

SAI is a variable-komi fork of leela-zero, it means that it’ll be good at handicap games and the game that the komi isn’t fair. The test runs on 7x7 and 9x9 showed it. Now they’re running the project on 19x19, but very few people know it(no more than 20 clients). It’s still very weak now, nearly random.If you want to help, please install it and run the autogtp.
main page(where you can watch now progress and the games it played):
github(you can find the way to install it in “release”):
They’re preparing release 0.17.4


Made in Italy??? :open_mouth:

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I don’t know.
Why do you think so?

The domain
It’s an italian university.


From the readme on github:

“The server is currently running here, on resources of Chieti-Pescara University.”

I’m italian. The Go scene in Italy is very small, I wonder if I know someone involved in the project.


Actually I do: Maurizio Parton is president of the italian go association and university professor.
I know also a couple of the other authors of this paper.


The variable komi is a big deal for analyzing student games, so I started helping them immediately.
Not many clients though. I tweeted it

which may help a little bit to spread the word.


KataGo is another score aware AI which is designed to play games with different handicap, Komi, ruleset and boardsizes. Additionally to win chance it goves a score prediction and ownership prediction (which player will own the point at the end of the game).
The developer promises it’s as strong as LZ200.


And conveniently comes pre-bundled with latest Windows releases of Lizzie for OOTB functionality :slight_smile:



Italian stronger player Alessandro Pace is streaming on Twitch his games against Sai.
He also has a YouTube channel where these games are available. You can find him on both platforms by searching for his nickname “Miratarim”.
One month ago he played against gen 66 and won. AI is still weak but it’s improving. Alessandro said: “let’s enjoy these games were we are still able to beat Sai since it won’t take much before it’ll improve and become stronger.” :smiley:

So please join the team and help Sai to beat Alessandro!:wink:


So maybe we could set a floating handicap match Saigo vs Katago? I’m sure someone like AquaBot would be interested in running it and I would be at least somewhat interested in handicap bot battle.

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Since everybody can download and install Sai on Sabaki, I think it should be easy to let it play against another AI.
I’m not very familiar with this kind of setup, but there’s one video by Alessandro Pace that shows that in details.