Same theme settings for different devices

I accidentally turned on the day theme today in the ogs settings on my phone and when I went back to night mode it showed up on other devices I’m logged in to. Now I have the same mode on all devices - day or night. And I need a different one on my desktop and another on my mobile devices. It’s a pain to switch between modes every time i change the device :confused: All settings have always been kept separate for each device. What happened?

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Probably @GreenAsJade could help you.

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I could tell you the story, but mokotower at least is not gonna like it :open_mouth: :wink:

ok, ok....

Once upon a time there was a request to make settings persistent independent of cookies.

And other requests of a similar nature, to make them associated with the account.

Then, along came the time to implement the “Player Notes” feature, which triggered an improvement of the way that all our preferences are stored and synced.

It was very natural at that time to simply make all preferences synced for the account across all device by default, so that’s what happened.

The thinking was, I think, that if there were settings that were device specific, we’d hear about it and do something at that time.

That was quite a while ago … I don’t think we heard much.

I can see that theme setting might be a nice one to have device-specific. Food for thought…


hmmm but this is not true today right?
things that should be the same everywhere like “do not use analysis”, “do not switch to the next game”, "do not show rankings) etc are still device specific … right?

at least i feel i need to do it again and again when i change devices

Huh - I thought that it was the case.

If it’s really not doing that for you then either

  • There’s a bug
  • I’m remembering wrong
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Porque no los dos?