Sandbagger in Beginner's Tournament?


There is an ongoning Beginner’s Tournament for 20k to 25k which started in September. While most participants are meanwhile better than 20k, which is totally fine and even awsome, the winner to be is 8-10k. I assume on signing for the tournament the player was no beginner at all (that is why he won all games).

It is totally fine for me to play and lose against a much better player, but I think it is unfair that he wins a beginner’s tournament.

I already raised a mod information (R105) but got no answer yet.

Could somebody see into that issue?

Many thanks and best regards

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Mod is a volunteer task with no 24 / 7 coverage on the site.
Sandbagger in a beginners tournament? How low can you sink?

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yes, and I am grateful for everyone doing that. I raise my hand a week ago and got no answer, so I thougt maybe I try via the forum, since I find the incident really annoying.


given the circumstances I might have done the same :grin:


Could you link the tournament?

It’s not totally impossible that someone would rise to SDK in a couple months. (Especially in a very large pool of beginners)

I think the best evidence of sandbagging would be if they were winning games against 10ks close to the beginning of the tournament.

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Well clearly that player wasn’t that strong a few months ago


if that is really the case here then of course I’m sorry for the trouble, but I’m not good enough to evaluate the playing behaviour.

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In two months from 20k to 8-to-10 k? I don’t think so. And it also shows in the fact that they won all their games, not just a few.

(I mean, as the games started all at that same time when that player seemed to be just 20k, they should not all have been won by them if they really were 20k back then.)


Just look at the graph, he played as 20k for months and only recently went up to 10k (raising since beginning October)
In my opinion but I don’t have admin powers I don’t see sandbagging here, just someone who can be proud of his raise and polite to conclude his games.



There’s also a lot of 9x9 games.

Actually though, they’ve played more ranked games this year than I have in total on OGS. (I might be an exception though because for a long time I was playing mainly correspondence - that and I tend to prefer to review a finished live game for a little while first before jumping into another game straight away)


I have no doubt at all he could raise like this because if you take the list of games in September, it’s quite normal, a mix of 19 and 9, with wins and losses as around being 20k. I’m bit lazy to go check in detail how these games are played because for me it’s nothing incredible to raise from 20k to 10k in two months later.


That graph doesn’t look suspicious to me and neither does his game history.

I didn’t look at the game contents in detail, but I think there needs to be stronger evidence than his recent rating progression to call this player a sandbagger 2 months ago.


Thanks for digging that up Atorrante. Yep, I agree that this just looks like a quickly improving beginner.

To put this in perspective, it took me 3 months to get from beginner to the 12-8k range, and I am certainly no prodigy! [end-of-humblebrag]



OK. Thank you all for the analysis. Then I will not begrudge him his Tournament win.


Thanks everyone for your calm analysis of this - really very much appreciated.


Going from 20k to 10k in 2 months doesn’t seem weird to me at all if someone is playing a lot of games and studying some too.

At my “local” go club, there was a guy who had very recently learned playing at 20k in March, and by mid summer was at 10k.

I’ve seen a number of other people reach 8-10k levels from 20 or 25k within a few months. It’s about how long I took back in the day (though my 8k AGA in 1990 is probably more like 12-13k today on OGS)

In any case, out of a large pool of beginners, I would expect at least a few of them to reach ~10k within a few months. That’s a pretty typical progression speed for a promising beginner who takes to the game quickly, and is likely to eventually reach dan level.

It’s also not at all surprising that one such player might win all their games! They were probably at the top of the beginner range to begin with, and very quickly improving already. If they weren’t paired with another such player, they would probably win.

This just isn’t suspicious at all by itself.

Suspicious would be if they were playing and beating ~10k players on even almost immediately after joining the tournament. Or maybe if they were at dan level after a few months.

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