Save username, keyword and settings

Hey all, I have a suggestion. I play on ogs on an iOS device on safari and it logs me out every time. My username and keyword are not saved for the next time, neither are my settings, so I have to enter it manually and change the settings every time. It would be nice, if it could be saved instead.

OGS saves your session and settings in the local storage of your browser. If they get lost your browser is set up to delete cookies.

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But on other websites my data gets saved, but not on ogs.

And I’m logged in for months now and the session persisted over several restarts.

Also iOS and safari?

Safari saves log in info and settings, so the problem is on your end.
The notable exception is if you add a link to your homescreen. Nothing OGS is gonna do to fix that though as it is a safari thing. Apple doesn’t like standards shrug


It seems I can’t solve this problem. My safari settings are correct, e.g. cookies don’t get deleted, still safari doesn’t save my ogs settings

I’m not familiar with Safari. Are you using any privacy Plugins which could interfere with cookies? I don’t know if it’s possible to overwrite the cookie policy for a specific site.
Are you using OGS in a different way then the other sites? (For example link to homescreen)

No plugins, no link to homescreen no other differences :woman_shrugging:t3:

I just tried with Safari on iOS 12.4 …

  • logged in to OGS,
  • set my prefs,
  • closed the window,
  • quit Safari,
  • relaunched Safari,
  • went to OGS,
  • was automatically logged it (because of the cookie, I assume),
  • … and my prefs were as I set them.

Then I repeated this, but logged out of OGS before I closed the window. Relaunched, logged back in to OGS, and my prefs were still there …

My question now is: are you automatically logged in to OGS when you go there?

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thanks for trying to help. When I close Safari on my phone, I tend to leave the tab open, but nevertheless, I get auto-logged-out, sometimes even if I leave safari but have it still open in the background. When I go back to my tab, which I never close, I have to fill in my username and password to be able to log in and after that I have to and set my preferences. So no auto log-in but my username and pw are saved now for auto fill-in, so it’s not such a big deal to log in anymore, but still my preferences are always lost.

I need mine to do this… haha

@Pitanje, bitte check your setting in Einstellungen –> Safari —> :black_square_button: Alle Cookies blockieren

Grüße aus der Lüneburger Heide,

Hey Tom, „delete all cookies“ isn‘t activated in my settings.

Mh… I’m at my wit’s end now :frowning: