Saving games

Can i save games, so i can look at it later?

Hello @cheetah69,

You can find all your finished games near the bottom of your profile page under “Game History”.

HTH, Tom


You can also download the SGF file so you can watch it later with a software or the page itself (you can download another player’s games too)


Although, two ways to see the games later (SGF and History).
But SGF will lose the chat during the game. History might be difficult to find.

Can we add a tag , star, or favorite on the played games?
Then, we can search the tag from the history.


Just for the record, sgf download does save the chat as well. It is linked to the moves so you might need to scroll through the game to see it and/or enable comments in whatever .sgf editor you are using.

Nevertheless, I think a similar feature to be able to favorite games and players is somewhere on the todo list already, but probably near the bottom. For the time being the easiest solution is probably just to bookmark the games in your browser. The links to games are constant. The only downside is that it is not on the server, but in your browser, but with todays browsers usually syncing across devices, it is almost as good for the majority of users I think.

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Somehow, my saved SFG in my SFG library did not have the chat from the game.