Saving settings

I want to save my game settings but i can’t. Like i want the game to be on mute but everytime i quit them come back the sound is back. And for live games i wanted to submit my moves too but that setting keeps reverting back to default

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everything saves with cookies, so if you are using a private browser like incognito mode they won’t save. If you are switching computers it won’t be the same.


everything saves with cookies,

Cookies are the worst way to save stuff like that. Same problem here.

That’s a rather absolute statement, and I would pretty strongly disagree with you on it. Let’s say you play on both mobile and desktop. On mobile, you don’t want sound and you want to confirm every move in case you mistap. On desktop, you just want to use double-click to move and you want sound. Where would be a better place to store this? Server-side will just apply the settings everywhere, making you have to set it back and forth each time you change devices.

Now I understand the idea of, for instance, people who visit OGS from public computers, or a library, where you are unlikely to have persistent cookies or even be on the same machine each time. As far as that’s concerned, a profile-wide default option when no cookie is found could be preferable, but that strikes me as a significantly less common scenario and thus hasn’t merited much attention from the development team.

Regardless, “worst way to save stuff like that” isn’t really a valid argument.


Why not just make it optional? Save settings permanently (db) or for session only (cookie).
Mobile browser can be detected, it’s really easy so you can have different settings for your mobile.

Cookies are temporary and for session specific setting. It’s easy to use cookies for other crap too but this causes all sorts of annoyances (as mentioned before)

You should really wipe all cookies every time your browser starts/closes and probably run bleachbit once a day to get rid of really nasty and peristalsis cookie like crap that gets stuffed to your HDD by trackers.

To pull yourself out of this blissful ignorance, install Ghostery. You will be mazed how much crap is pushed to your browser.

You like to see sites/trackers who shares information about you? Install Lightbeam. Nice eye opener :slight_smile: and looks cool too.

It’s time to wake up…


Lmao. I work in IT, currently in a heavily PCI-laden industry. I’m well aware of how cookies work and track you. Half of what you said is pretty spot-on, and half of it is the boy crying wolf. Cookies are an important aspect of the internet. They can also be used for evil, sure, but there are plenty of different ways of tracking you that will still work even with javascript disabled, cookies disabled, noscript on, etc.

The thing is, for nearly all users, it genuinely does not matter. I am fully cognizant of what’s tracking me, and I don’t really care. There are things I block that are actively malicious, but this is part of what you sign up for by using ad-supported sites in the first place. It’s somewhat of a new social contract that your payment for all these free services floating around the internet is the advertising revenue you generate. (Side note, I happened to notice you’re not a site supporter, and are thus using OGS for free. Are you providing them advertising income from your traffic, or have you blocked ads on OGS as well?)

Regardless, this is all besides the point. The point is, sure, there could be an option to set this. However, it’s a pretty low-impact feature for the majority of users, so I would find it totally reasonable for the developers to focus on features and improvements with a much broader scope.


I often play on OGS in a library so this would be useful. I was kinda surprised when I realized it used cookies for it.


pbgarden… umm… what ever.

like fixing the login perhaps? FF cant save the username/passw.

Hello Everyone.

I am new here and there’s a problem i’m experiencing : The themes of the sites are reset to default everytime i connect. ( I prefer the black background, and it’s always re-set by default to white everytime i connect, this burns my eyes in addition of being reppellant to me )

I’m trying to be cautious about my online activity and i don’t allow the site to use cookies on me. Which cause that to happen ( i’ve tried with chrome : i keeps my theme preferencies memorized )

So maybe, theme preferences could be stored in the user’s profile rather than in cookies ?
I have no clue if this is easily done or not, i have no clue if someone else is experiencing the problem.

EDIT: I have managed to get the setting to stay in the forum’s interface. so it is possible ! but i doesn’t apply to the game section.

If you guys decide it’s not worth it and i’m an isolated case, i’d understand. Just let me know.
Great job you’ve done here so far. Everything is usable and fluid.


You are not the first person to comment on this. See: Saving settings.


There is no privacy improvement in don’t allowing this site to store cookies. OGS knows all about you anyways since you login every time you use it. Third party cookies are another case of course.

If I’m wrong with this assumption, I have to think about my privacy settings :wink:


Nice thing about settings being stored in cookies is that you can have different settings on your computer and mobile, which can be really useful for avoiding random misclicks.


Very true.

Here are the third parties i can detect using privacy badger

i don’t know these domains, but i’d rather be careful with them

Thanks, my research was unfortunate

Cloudflare only provides css files.
You can block the google stuff there without problems.
I had ravenjs enabled, but forgot for what it’s needed. Most works without it.
CDNJS isn’t even in my list.

Not to mention, the only url in my list saving cookies is

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Yeah cookies aren’t needed for any of the site we pull files from. (ftr ravenjs helps us track client side errors that happen)

The unfortunate thing with “blocking cookies” is there isn’t a separate setting “allow local storage”, which is where we keep all that stuff :slight_smile: blocking cookies but allowing the browser to store data for the site (but not send it back to the server for tracking) would totally work in our case… but browsers lump the two things together. (Understandable since if you can remember anything you could just send the server some tracking data manually… but still, it’s annoying for sites like ours where we just store a bunch of stuff like settings and cached data, and don’t care at all about tracking).

Anywho, it’s somewhere on the todo list to support setting defaults for all those things that are currently set on a per-browser basis… just hasn’t raised to the top of the todo list yet.


It’s great to hear that it’ll be fixed someday.

  • Thanks for not ignoring me anoek.

I’ll work on a DIY solution and maybe document it in here if i find anything handy.

Have a nice day.


If you are interested in taking a stab at doing a proper implementation on the user interface side of things, I can extend the current stored preferences api to include a defaults dictionary or something of the sort to make use of. I think we’d want it so you can save a setting as a default, and if you don’t do that, twiddling it will just change it for that browser.


Did anything happen in that direction so far? :see_no_evil:

I had to delete all cookies due to a bug in my browser \o/ Greeted by a blinding flash (Bright mode is worse than a flash grenade damnit…) then hearing an unfamilar voice, and then noticing my preset greetings all gone :frowning: It was a bit of a sad moment

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