Saxmaam's Slow Go

In the review link above, “opportunity missed”, I can see text saying “Variation: black invasion”, and clicking will take me to move number 46, but there is no actual variation or commentary, or anything I would consider to be an actual review. Am I missing something here?

Looking at the game, I stand by my comments above on whole board thinking :slight_smile: If you want to add some comments to the review – what you were thinking about during the game, which moves could maybe be improved on, which of your opponent’s moves surprised you – then we can have a conversation about it if you like.

Another suggestion: at the Go Teaching Ladder, look through games by people at or just above your level, see what types of mistakes they make, what questions they ask, what answers the reviewers give.

well, first I labeled the invasions backwards. other than that, if you go forward from those shared variations, you can see that I made an invasion that barely lived, and my opponent made an invasion that was rather more successful. i labeled them so I could put them side by side and compare.

that opponent just steadily outplayed me. it seems like i got through the opening ok (maybe not). and then after move 20 was a gradual erosion. feedback is welcome.

I did share a missed opportunity link with an ai playout in the original game (not the komojo review). unfortunately, I like the way the ai works better in the original game than in the review page. at least when I’m reviewing by myself

I’ll malkovich a game and share it afterward soon.


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and re: the “not a review” remark. I’m experimenting with using some of these links as flashcards. so you’re right. definitely not a review but useful to me regardless.

I join on this that it’s more productive to work on a failure you made in 20 games as 20 failures in one game.
And to detect this, a stronger human player may be more qualified as an AI.


Ah, flashcards! I get it now. Nice idea :slight_smile: Sorry for misunderstanding.

The difference between those two invasions is that white went in too late and too deep. Black invaded a relatively open area with strong friendly stones nearby for support. So it’s not just about finding the right followup moves for the invasion. It’s more about the strategic judgement: not letting black enclose such a big area in the first place, cutting it down to size a few moves earlier.

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Reminder: area with 2 access is not that big. Area with 1 access suddendly getting much bigger.


I might need a bit of context to understand that. :grinning:

It’s a reference to the proverb Invade a moyo one move before it becomes territory.

(That page is a bit disorganised and needs editing! But you’ll get the general idea.)


Moving according to this proverb is definitely something I need to get better at. It has been one of my main downfalls in even games with slightly-higher-rated players (the other being that I’m bad at reading late mid-game invasions, both attacking and defending)