Scheduling RENGO

Can anybody suggest the easiest way to schedule a RENGO game?

If I had everyone’s emails, it would be easier, but I don’t suppose everyone wants to share emails.

Just send all the players pm via ogs

Yeah. I was hoping for something less tedious.

You can start a group discussion using the forum PM system.

I imagine any solution is going to be a little tedious. It is hard to match the schedules of four to six people, after all.

I’d like to offer a suggestion. Within a team, coordinate your schedules as best as possible to find the times that people within a team can play. Then elect one of the members a spokesperson to coordinate the scheduling with other teams. This might cut down on a lot of unnecessary back-and-forth chatting.

I found this app for scheduling meetings. You do not have to have the other person’s email address. Instead, you can send them a link via OGS.

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