Score estimate function is not working, and kinda cost me a game

OK, Just kidding, shouldn’t blame the computer. It’s the player’s responsibility. Just want eyeballs.

But still, the score estimate function is not working properly.

OK, I know it is hard to estimate the score in the middle of the game. But for this particular game

up to move #246, 247, 248, that’s right before both parties pass, it still shows white wins by 1.5 but when the final score is out, black wins by 0.5. The board did not change at all for that 3 steps and the final board. And the computer messed up the score.

Further, even the game is Japanese Rule, I got a feeling that the score estimate is using Chinese Rule. Maybe that’s why the result is different.

Would the admin please take a look.

Check this out. Estimating score IS using Chinese rule. This is a game I finished today. I was doing the exact same thing and have black pass once. Estimating score showed black was winning, so I had to fight the ko to “also” win in Chinese rule. But I think these are all unnecessary because it didn’t really change result in Japanese rule.
The ko at the end counts as 1 point in Japanese rule, but 2 stones in Chinese rule.
You do need to count yourself when it is really close.

Ummm…estimate is by Chinese rule…

Not saying one should RELY on the function, but if it is available then one tends to USE it.

And if you can do the final score in Japanese I don’t see how difficult it is to make the estimate FOLLOW the setting.

I have to give this bug a 1 out of 5 rating.

It’s not a difficulty thing, it’s an accuracy thing. For unsettled positions, it can be more accurate to estimate with Chinese scoring because of how prisoners aren’t really taken into account. This gives you a sort of tri-state estimation. Any given point on the board is either a point for white, a point for black, or an unsettled point.

Plus, it’s an estimation. A two point margin of error is less than 2% off, given that the total score of each player is over 100. I’d say that a 2% margin of error falls well within anyone’s reasonable definition of “estimator”.

first, let me say i appreciate your effort in keeping the site running smooth and sound. But then, I am afraid that i cannot concur.

For unsettled position, what rule to use estimating is anybody’s call. nothing to argue about that. but for my particular case, all positions ARE SETTLED. nothing ambiguous. all ko is settled. From move #246, 247, 248 on until the game is closed, THE BOARD DID NOT CHANGE AT ALL.

An margin of error of 2% DURING the game is nothing. margin of error is due to uncertainties. when the game is not finished, uncertainties are plentiful. But if that error is not caused by uncertainties, but rather by using a different rule than the game itself, then it is not “margin of error”. it is called “systematic error”

The problem partially is that Estimate Score only does Chinese scoring. Perhaps now that the UI is open source people will provide improve score estimate code. But for now you just have to keep that in mind. (Or play Chinese instead of Japanese and you can trust Estimate slightly better.)

Well it is an “Estimate”, so it doesn’t have to be 100% accurate. JK, it is easier for the computer to count in Chinese rule before the game really ends. You may find different server estimate score differently, because the coding may be tough. I don’t think OGS as such a easy and not well-funded site is able to develop an advanced estimate score system.

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