Score estimation

The score estimation algorithm has clearly changed in the last few days. There’s now no “confidence” value, and in fact it seems to only count points it is absolutely sure about. But even weirder, the score is now different each time I ask it - for the same position! If there’s an effort afoot to improve it I understand, but can you please keep us informed? Thanks.

to me, it seems the estimator is way better, the previous estimator did also give different results all the time, but now is it very clear what points it includes and what it does not


It is way, way better, because I can simply add points if I think that some patch should be counted as well. In the previous version, it was impossible to tell how to correct for points that were too pale or too thick.


If something ever seems different, the first place to check is the changelog. It’s at the bottom of all OGS pages but chat and games, next to the donate button.


I have some issue with the scoring process. Each time I want to do a score estimation or at each game end, I have a “Unresponsive script” message and have to stop the script without any estimation. Moreover, at the end of the game I can not remove killed stones.
If someone know the problem…