Score in tournament's rounds

I think that the tournament page should show the scores at the end of the round that 's displayed.

I subscribed a 9-round tournament that is now near its end. We are now at round 8 and I was looking at the results of previous rounds, but it’s
confusing because you see people on first round with 40 points already.

I won’t call it a bug, but I find it quite misleading.


Probably McMahon, which gives people automatic benefits and negatives at round 1 based on rank so people play people approximately their rank

But also I don’t think it shows old score:
For example Nadoss has 44 points on both the current round and round 1, which is impossible unless he lost every game, which I don’t believe to be the case.

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I have always found it difficult to read and understand McMahon scores. I think the presentation definitely has room for improvement.

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