Scores in my Game History are incorrect!

Hello, I have just lost a game with 60 point difference. After game ended, in history the score is showing loss by 40 points and counting stones automatically and incorectly when enter the game for review.
That is annoying. I like to review my history to have an overview on my progress.

The particular game I have noticed it at is this one:

Question that follows would be, if the my ranking is also calculated according to inaccurate scoring?

Thanks in advance.

Rating calculations only depend on who won and not the margin of victory. If a scoring issue doesn’t change who won, then it won’t change the rating calculations either.

As for the scoring issue, I’m not too sure what happened in your particular game. It seems that some stones appear to be incorrectly marked as neither dead nor alive, but actually unknown?? However, it seems odd that the system would progress to counting while some stones are in an indeterminate state.


It seems that in your linked game you and your opponent agreed on incorrect score. The machine scoring is not perfect and it often needs help. You should mark dead stones (and sometimes dame points). In this case, black stones on the upper side are dead and white stones are alive, although they are marked as undecided (ghost-like without points under them).

That being said, your rating is only affected by the outcome of the game in terms of win/loss/draw. For more details read OGS ratings and ranks and possibly EGF rating system for in-depth look.

To monitor your wins/losses in terms of points is, in my opinion, not that useful, especially when playing with opponents few stones stronger/weaker. I recommend, if anything, to pick a single rival and measure your progress against her/him.

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