Scoring Baduk Japanese rules

How is score just 1.5? Is it 2.5 right score.
Black have 33 and white 30.5
Thank you in advance for answer.

Won is a homophone of one.

Won by 1.5
= 1 by 1.5
= 1 x 1.5
= 1 x (1+0.5)
= (1x1) + (1x0.5)

Now, according to Terryology 1x1=2, so

= 2 + 0.5
= 2.5

So it seems this is an oversight of the developer. They have implemented both the incorrect “traditional” mathematics, as well as the correct mathematics as developed by Terrence Howard.


But in all seriousness I think there is something wrong with the way the territory is displayed on screen. If you look at the black group on the right, there is a piece of “territory” wedged between that black group and a white group. This should not count for either side, and contrary to the way it is displayed on the screen, I think it did not count towards the score.

If white played there it would force black to connect the group to the nearest black group, which would reduce black’s score. If black plays there it prevents white from doing so at no cost to black’s score.


Thank you very much. That is because of that neutral point.

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Yes, that’s right

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I’m really glad someone understands the genius that is Terrence Howard.