Scoring confusion or bug?

I’m a bit confused as to how this game was scored. It says that white has no points but i thought the outside of the board was white’s territory here since black passed? Is this a bug or am i just mistaken?


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Yes you are right. The estimation is the right evaluation of white territory. Please report to moderators.
I dunno if it’s a bug or if the territories were wrongly marked by one of the players.


The stone at d14 needs to be marked as dead for that area to be white territory.

Don’t click to agree with the proposed scoring at game end until you really do agree it is correct!


I didnt though, it didnt even give me that option. They passed and the game just ended. Odd.

Result when “estimate score” button is clicked:

Are you playing on the website or an app?

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The app

Then you should contact the app developer to improve their scoring procedure.


Apps with such bugs should not exist. People will start to think something is wrong with OGS itself or their opponent.

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Also just to clear this up since players who learn Go on a computer are often not aware how scoring normally works:

  1. You finish the game to the final position; make sure all borders are closed and all groups are secure.
  2. Both players pass.
  3. Now in the scoring phase, the players agree on groups status by marking them dead or alive. This is something that you must do, and it doesn’t even matter if the system pre-marks some groups for your convenience.
  4. Do not agree to the score unless all stones are marked correctly!
  5. Both players agree to the status and the outcome is determined.

Now if this app takes step 3 out of your hands only to do it wrong, that is very unconventional to say the least. :grin: (I believe the only exception is when you are playing vs a bot, then the bot handles the score)


GoQuest and if I’m not wrong BadukPop doesn’t give the options for 3 to 5 and is scored automatically, so some players may be confused.

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