Scoring didn't work

In a recent 9x9 ladder match (, we ended the game but for some reason it gave me no points (I was the white player). When we were selecting the dead stones at the end, everything seemed to be fine (I had the right side of the board) but then something went wonky. How does this get corrected?

I’m sorry about that, once the game is over this can’t be corrected. Next time, make sure you agree with the counting before clicking “Accept removed stones” button.

That’s the thing, though. I had looked at the counting (I had 30.5 points, IIRC) and clicked Accept Removed Stones. A few minutes later, I got an updated that I had lost the game with Black 28 and White 5.5.

Is it possible your opponent made a change just as you were accepting?

I had accepted first (per the screen, s/he wasn’t online at the time). Not worried about the game/rank, just wanted to put it out there for the developers. No clue if this was a one off item (maybe there was something hokey going on with my network connection and that caused some issue) or if this has happened before to anyone else.

That’s odd then