Scoring. I am beginner

Hi. I am beginner in this game. I don’t understand how in this picture that I upload black wins when white have same territory that is occupied.
Black 42 white 39 and komi 6.5 is 45.5. that is 3.5 for white.

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That looks like Badukpop, and I think that uses Japanese rules where you get points for the open space inside your area and you also get points for stones you captured/killed.

So white has 9 + 15 + 6.5 = 30.5 and black has 19 + 2 + 12 = 33.


Was this perhaps a handicap game? In that case there is a significant difference between territory scoring and area scoring.

How is there a 5 point difference between rule sets? Did someone fill their area while the other passed?

Thank you. You put for black 19+2+12. What is 2.

The two dead stones in black’s area


I think I get it. 2 is for two white that is on table and he count it like he captured it


Yes, those 2 white stones are not captured, but they are hopelessly stranded inside black’s territory. Such stones are called “dead” and when scoring on a physical board they would be removed and added to the prisoners before counting the score.


Ok. Thank you very much


That’s possible. 2d possibility is the handicap stones not counted.

To have same result with the 2 rules you need the same quantity of black and white stones on the board so that you will include them in thee scoring (Chinese) or not (Japanese). This explain why we put back prisoners on the board in Japanese rule.

So adding 5 handicap stones will affect the balance, likewise continuing playing while the other pass.

It can be seen from the final position that white played 42 stones (30 are still on the board and 12 got captured during the game), while black played 38 stones (23 are still on the board and 15 got captured during the game).

Also, I assume this was an even game (no handicap) because the komi is 6.5.

So I think black passed 4 times more than white.

It is possible that white kept playing inside their own territory a bit too long (to capture dead stones?) and lost the game because of it (Japanese rules are not very forgiving for this), but I can’t really tell for sure without the full game record.


Yes. That is true. Black pass and I continue to play not aware that I have to pass also.