Scoring IRL game with your mobile

I see more and more players using the scoring tool on their mobile phone instead of manually counting.
These tools are coming with go servers so i was wondering if OGS could integrate one too.

Let’s keep OGS like a modern go server with all what a go player need!


and autoban if you score your own OGS ongoing game)


I feel Uberdude is gonna be even more cranky.


Well let’s be clear, i am talking about taking a pic of a goban and stones IRL, not a screen.

And i am talking about scoring, not estimate.

My guess is that soon it will be widely used and OGS has to be here too, at least to be recognized and better known.

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I guess you mean something like Kifu Snap ?

Probably the hardest part is the image recognition, since OGS has everything else. I wonder if there is any open source code for this… I found some things but no idea how easy to integrate.

But since it already exists maybe better to focus OGS devs on other things…


That’s more and less as what i suggest.

Some go servers have this functionality: When you finished a game with real stones and board you take a pic or you scan the board with your phone and the server then calculate the score for you.

I think it’s like a few months already i didn’t score any of my IRL games because each time my opponent just take his phone and voila. Done.

Pretty accurate, worked well every time.

As i see it most IRL players are going to use this in every game they play so it won’t be a luxury to propose it here on OGS too. Better that thousands of go players open OGS to score their games as another go server app, don’t you think?


I’ve already designed an optimized workflow for the OGS version of this feature:

  1. User takes picture with camera

  2. Don’t bother uploading it to server, save bandwidth!

  3. Get result from Random Number Generator

  4. If 0: declare white wins, if 1 declare black wins.

  5. Profit!

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Ah, it’s so much more fun to rearrange territories and count manually but the new generation is getting lazier. Seriously though, such an app can be very useful to save time in case of scoring disputes during tournaments.


I like to count manually too.

It’s not only about laziness (which btw is a bit of human characteristic and evolution ) but about time sparing too (thinking of a bit older generation involved in busy work life ).

Another big advantage is to keep the game undisturbed by the counting which is quite useful for starting a review.


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