Scoring issue

Why stones on the right side are dead? Black definitely can’t withdraw them. Is it some rule I don’t know or what?

Hello mfilonen2 and welcome to the forums.

No, there is no such rule, the game was scored incorrectly. In scoring (after the 2 passes), both players need to agree which groups are dead and which are alive. Our algorithm predicts the score for convenience, but players can change it (in cases where the auto score fails, or if they simply both believe otherwise). Both players then have to accept the change. One of you probably clicked the right group, be it by accident or in an attempt to cheat, and since you both accepted it was deemed as the result.

I have annulled the game and will follow up with your opponent about the issue, unfortunately once the result is accepted we cannot revert the score altogether. Sorry about the trouble.

Also note that there is a “call moderator” button in the right game panel, which you can use whenever there is some trouble, it makes it easier for us to spot the game, and thus gives you a better chance at a faster response :slight_smile:


As described here… The game view and playing games · online-go/ Wiki · GitHub