Scoring problem

In the game the system counted b+15.5 with two points not even marked as territory. But the real result is b+8.5, I would say.
Such differences make me think that no game at all is scored correctly which in itself makes me unwilling to play here any further (for another year).

You have to manually mark dead stones. Like KGS

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The problem was not about the dead stones but somehow the system counted the upper-right territories as dame which are clearly not common territory. 9 scores to white and 2 to black. Very strange. It seems to be a bug, but it would be nice if we could mark it as the territory of one of the player’s.

This applies. The auto-scoring feature is just for a rough marking of your territory; you have to adjust it manually. Since it is just a robot program, it can fail to see situations correctly. It is not really a bug in itself.

You can fix this the next time by clicking on your stones, thus toggling the state of life/death. If you want to leave OGS over this, I’m sad. But, as they say in Germany: “Reisende soll man nicht aufhalten!”

Best of luck.

If you can fix this be marking your stones to be dead, and after that alive, then it is not really a big deal. But it is still a strange behavior. The group is marked as alive and has no territory. Kinda insane. Schrödinger’s group :slight_smile: Alive enough to not to be dead, but not alive enough to secure it’s territory.

That would be like a seki

Ah, I did not see that the white group did not have territory, either. So it’s just a problem of marking dead or alive stones and the system in fact counts correctly.

BTW: What difference does the “strict counting” checkbox make? My opponent did switch it on probably to make the counting better as he seemingly did also not know what to do about the result.

Devs can you please remove the strict counting checkbox?

Isn’t the “strict counting” connected to scoring eyes in seki?
A wiki would be useful to know the features of the site and not to guess them.

We do have this: (but AFAIK it doesn’t yet contain the info you’re looking for).

Our Demigods Devs are working on several front lines simultaneously, so it might be worth to spend your time on an entry on UserVoice.

Wishing all of you a good year’s end,


You are doing great job! Thank you. This is really the best place to play go.
I already had a few suggestions on UserVoice. I like the idea of wiki because it writes itself. :slight_smile:

Happy New Year!

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