Scotland Flag Please


Please add a flag for Scotland!

Love your site :smiley:

It would only be fair to add the other home nations (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) as well.

On a separate note, Kosovo perhaps should also be added.

We already have flag of the Isle of Man, with its bizarre three-legged thing in the middle, so why not?

This is our source for flags, so add them here and let us know when they are in, once they’re committed here we can get them on OGS :smiley:

England, Scotland, Wales, and Kosovo are already present in that sprite and the accompanying css.

.f16 ._England{background-position:0 -112px;}
.f16 ._Kosovo{background-position:0 -160px;}
.f16 ._Scotland{background-position:0 -272px;}
.f16 ._Wales{background-position:0 -336px;}

Thanks a lot you guys!

Oh nice, I’ll get them added in soon then :slight_smile:

Don’t forget about Northern Ireland. It’s also already in the file.


Alrighty all the flags are in

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