Scrambled names in tournament

A correspondence tournament that I am participating in just entered round 2 and I am experiencing a peculiar bug (link:

Round 2 looks fine when I first load the page but if I swap to the results from round 1 the names are scrambled. I think that I’m seeing the name list from round 2 applied to the games of round 1 but with some deviations. If I swap back to round 2 the names there are now replaced with the actual name list from round 1.

Any individual game that I enter always takes me to the correct game (and not the game corresponding to the name in the list).

I see the same behaviour in Chrome on my Android phone and in Chrome and Safari on my mac, so I think it’s unlikely to be a browser problem.

I apologise if this problem was reported earlier.

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Yep yep, currently being tracked in: