ScribeGo: an APP With a Unique Strategy to Study Go

Hi guys!

I am currently a high schooler in the U.S. and 5 months ago, I launched ScribeGo on the AppStore, which uses the method of 打谱 (da pu) to study Go (otherwise known as memorizing then replaying the moves from professional games). This method is especially common in Asian countries to study Go. I remember when I visited China for a Go training dojo (twice), many of the kids there used this strategy.

Personally, I have used this method throughout my training. I wouldn’t attribute the majority of my improvements to this method of course, the best method is obviously practicing, and playing countless games. I am currently an AGA 7D and have won the U.S. Open twice in the past years, so I have some experience studying Go. I would urge you to just try this app out a bit, see if a method like this is suitable for you. I would also appreciate it if you leave a honest review in the app store so I can keep more updates coming, and give you guys the best experience with the app :).

5 months later, I have just released an updated version of the app, ScribeGo 2.0. I want to thank everyone who gave me feedback on how I could improve the app. Since I’m still a student, unfortunately I don’t have all the time in the world, so I apologize if some features you were hoping for were not added/fixed in this update.

Along with that, I know a lot of people were hoping for an Android version. Since the Google Playstore and the App Store use different programming languages for their apps, I would have to learn app development for Android from scratch. As much as I would love to provide an Android platform, I don’t have a team and so all the work is done by myself, which takes a significant amount of my time. If you guys have any ideas regarding this area, (maybe you know any Android developers that I could possibly collaborate with) feel free to let me know.

With that, here are the features added in the newest version of ScribeGo:

  • Dynamical & aesthetic UI reworks
  • iPad supported version & resolutions
  • added the Autoplay feature when replaying games
  • Added 10 new professional games to the Library
  • Added the Dismiss option at the end screen (fixes issue where users cannot see the last move played)
  • Information about each match selected is now displayed (board thumbnail + player names)
  • Reworks in transitions between screens
  • Added the Help menu to guide new users
  • bug fixes and reworks

AppStore Link:

Also, I’m not that experience with outreach, and I would like to share this with other countries such as in Europe, so if anyone has any suggestions for outreach and spreading the word, feel free to let me know.

Thanks for all the support, and I hope you enjoy the app!


I’ve used it on and off over the last while and I think it’s a really nice app.

I’m starting to forget this game a bit so I should work on it again :slight_smile:

I think one small sounding (depending on how complicated it ends up being) but very helpful feature could be to be able to manage the library a bit by deleting games.

I see there is a rename there which is handy, but supposing you added in the wrong sgf or an sgf twice etc, it could be handy to clean it up.


@MrAlex :slight_smile:

You could try some software that generates apps for both platforms. Back in the day there was AppCelerator Titanium, now renamed to this:

“Titanium lets you develop cross-platform native mobile applications and build great mobile experiences using JavaScript.”

I haven’t used it in the past decade, but if it could do the job back in 2014, I’d say that it is reasonable that 10 years of improvements can’t have been for nothing. Good luck, it seems like a great idea :slight_smile: I’ve never even seen an Apple product in my life so I cannot use/test the current app, but if there is ever an Android app, I will download it.

I’ve heard worse reasons to learn Kotlin :wink: at least publishing on Android is cheaper than iOS!

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I’d love to test your app on Android