Script to change Glicko ratings to dan/kyu ratings on user profile page

I’ve created a script that will automatically change the ratings displayed on your user profile page from Glicko to traditional dan/kyu ratings. For example my Ratings from looks like this with the script:

To use this you must install and add this script:

Please let me know if it works for you! Feedback is welcome, I’ve never used tampermonkey before, what do people usually use to distribute scripts?


This is awesome, I’m using this now.

Feedback: Don’t make the kyuu ranks negative.

If you want at-a-glance differentiation between dan and kyuu, make the dan ranks colored. Maybe #FFFFFF white or maybe a light purple.

BUG: This doesn’t work on your own user profile page, since they have a different URL (.com/user/* not .com/player/*)

See here:

That’s the link you get when you click on “Profile” at the top menu bar on any OGS page.

Another bug: Doesn’t work if you click on a user profile from chat, until you refresh the page. Probably has to do with that “don’t actually reload this page, instead do that special html magic to make it look like you clicked a link and loaded a new url page” thingy.

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Nice! Thank you. Now i can get a feeling about the opponent with one look.

Even if they are not probaly maped in the certain game pools, at least I can read the numbers.
@anoek ((and this is much better, then dont understand the numbers at all)

Thanks a lot.


This script works also with Greasemonkey plug-in in Firefox

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