Scrollbar prevents changing number of games shown in game history

The title pretty much says it all, but the sideway scrollbar at the game history box is in the way, and it prevents me changing how many games i want to be shown at my (or anyone elses) history. The scrollbar also prevents me for clicking the next page, so there is no way of browse the history any further than the lastest 10 games.

Is it still a problem if you scroll the pane fully to the left (so that the date is completely visible)

The only way I’ve been able to reproduce your problem is by scrolling the pane to the right (so I can see the ranked or not status of games) … then the amount of games thingo is obscured. But if I scroll back to the left I can use the thingo again.

I also just noticed that I can click on the top of the number and select that widget even if the scrollbar is over it.

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Yeah, the scrollbar totally blocks both buttons and the dropdown menu. Clicking anywhere here just moves the scrollbar back and forth, instead activating things under it.


Oh right, i’m using chrome on mac, if that info is relevant in any way.

I got this work too now! The dropdown box is just few pixels higher than the scrollbar, so it was hard to hit it xD

But this trick doesn’t seem to work for the arrows, so there is no way of browsing past the last 50 games. (tbh 50 games is enough info for me, so i don’t really care too much if i can’t use the browsing arrows, but it’s a bit weird to have unusable buttons under a transparent scrollbar, espesially when that scrollbar has no meaningful function.)

It’s definitely a bug. I have the same as you, pretty much, though for some reason I have more pixels of the number selector than you. I too am on chrome on mac.

A wierd thing is it doesn’t happen all the time - in fact I can’t reproduce it just now!

Maybe talking about it fixed it!? :open_mouth:

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