Sdk players in ddk ladders?

Im in a ddk ladder cuz im like 19 or 20k. I get some people join as ddk and win a few games and end up 8 or 9k. But i see people who are obviously not even close. Like a 2k in the ddk room? Or am i just being uptight?


It is kind of ironic that the #1 on the 9x9 and 13x13 ladders is literally “Sand Badger [2k]”


I think it is because it is an open group and people are free to join the group as they please. Even if they are and SDK or dan player. Anyone in the group can be in a ladder(as well as people who are in the group, join the ladder, and leaves or is kicked from the group). The admins are also unable to remove people from ladders too(though this is kind of unrelated, sorry). I could join any open group and join the ladder, even if the group is not even meant for me. Possibly they joined the group when they were a DDK, or possibly they joined because they felt like it, but you really can’t do anything about that, I don’t think.


Fair enough. Frowned upon but thats how things go sometimes.


The DDK room is a group like any other group.

The first instance to enforce special group rules is the group admin. They should talk to the user in question and take appropriate actions (like kick them out, or ask them not to participate in the ladders, …). If the offender returns, they should call a moderator.

Btw: The groups special rules should be clearly stated on the groups page.


Personally, I think it’s great when a stronger player is playing on one of my ladders. Getting games against strong players can be very helpful for learning. Meanwhile, the strong player doesn’t really get anything out of it. One of the things I like most about the site ladder is getting to play even games against stronger players. My position on the ladder itself matters a lot less to me.

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Im still new so im not sure cow to find or contact admin or mods.

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Yes playing strong players can be a nice learning experience. And we should enjoy the game and not worry about our rankings. But newer less skilled players may indeed worry about getting some kind of achievements they can build confidence from. Its like entering a spelling competition with forth graders. They worked hard. Let them have their place. Plus i feel like the majority of my games are against people who are at least 5 levels above me. Id like to play a game that i can actually win. Lol.


Click on the person’s name and hit the report button.
Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 10.10.12 AM
You can also hit the call moderator button on the side of a game or demo board if it is an issue relating to the game/demo board.

Another thing you can do is PM a mod if it is more like a question instead of a report for someone.

On a different note,

You can win. Even if they are 5 levels above you. Though I do understand not wanting to play people 5 levels above you though. It is significantly harder than if they are the same level.

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You have four guinea pigs now?

When did I not?
I created all of them on the same day. I just kept forgetting to add GP4 to the GP group(sup people).

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Oh, okay.

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