SDK vs DDK game review request


can someone pls review my game?

Basic issues are:

-Invading (I think I misshandeld playing too soft on top middle?!
-Direction of play

I was very surprised, that my opponent won by that amount of points. Maybe there is a way too count more efficient??!

Thanks anyway appreciate

Count only the sure points I mean the ones that your opponent will never put away from you.(same for him)

Count 2 by 2 it’s quicker (and 1 prisoner on the board= 2 points)

Then you finish calculate and make estimation like I have 6 points more (don’t forget prisoners and komi)

Then you can start looking what is still to share and maybe correct the first count.
The good news is you can almost jump this last step because basically the remaining is like 50/50 but it depends of who prepared the best the endgame.

So the bad news is that this last step can be hugely hard to process but by trying to do it, you will just prepare the right moves to play so it’s not worthless.

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I added a review. You have a lot of moves where you start something, or think about doing something, and then immediately change your mind and play away. This includes some fighting moves where you kind of just give up locally, even when you’ve got strong forcing moves to play, and some invasions where you press to deep, then pull back from and lose some of your invading stones.

I think part of what happened was that you got scared of what your opponent was building on the top, and decided to invade right away, and kind of ignored making sure that your groups were strong and attacking your opponent’s groups that were weak. Even where you succeed at reducing your opponent, you end up with weak groups in the center of the board that don’t give you any points. Focus more on what you can build, or what weaknesses your opponent has, rather than lunging towards the strongest thing on the board. Yes, it’s the biggest, but your opponent gets to have influence if you take the corner. You got compensation and are better off building territory of your own.