Search box in game history

Search box in game history doesn’t work on my android smartphone, either on Samsung browser and Chrome.

I can write a name but then nothing happens.
Pressing enter on my keyboard doesn’t work.
Sometimes randomly a dropdown menu opens up with possible choices of players with matching names but I can’t have it on purpose and when I tap on it it does nothing.


Can confirm it is broken for me too… it definitely used to work on my phone.

@benjito @shinuito @GreenAsJade any of you guys poking around in game history recently?

Edit: broken on my desktop too.


Better tag @anoek too I think I heard he was going to poke around with optimising game history somewhere.

Yeah I’m seeing

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object
    at Object.Gu.updateGameSearch [as onComplete] (User.tsx:605)

and or

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'alt_player' of undefined
    at Object.Gu.updateGameSearch [as onComplete] (User.tsx:603)
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I like the next line:

at ko.complete (PlayerAutocomplete.tsx:81)

Wait, what has this got to do with a ko? :smiley:

(The issue has been isolated to “what was the change that caused it”, so I’m guessing a fix won’t be too far away).


@benjito was playing around with types recently…? Could be related?

EDIT: not my types work (which should be a no-op), but I think I did break this. When I updated the Tournaments page, I updated the way filter works in PaginatedTable slightly.


Should be fixed now :slight_smile:


Great work team :heart:
Can confirm search is working again on my end.