Search for printable go game records

I am learning the game of go but have limited computer access. I am searching for printable professional game records to study.

Any suggestions as to where I might find these would be helpful.

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There are thousands of sgf records that you can print using sgf editors (like drago). Check for details in Sensei library.

You can check the go resources on the main OGS site, many links there. For example relentless is a 600 pages pdf book (easy to print) with in depths comments on a bunch of pro games.

If you simply want to look at some pro games, buying some go magazine like go world, the European Go journal, weiqi tiandi (Chinese) would be a quick way to get something to look at on paper. Or go books (some are compilation of 1 player games, some are about 1 tournament, some about 1 year, etc… ). Printing may not be that cheaper but surely less convenient as simply buying a printed version.

You can buy these online or find some go players around where you live.

I hope you can get a go set (board and stones) to lie down the games (highly recommended).

For free PDFs (no commentary), try logan’s collection.

For commented game records (paid), as Groin says, there’s plenty of books out there. Probably Go World Archive gives you the most games per dollar.