Search functions

I’m not sure when it happened but I’m really pleased to see that the main OGS search function has been changed to look for ‘contains’ rather than ‘begins with’.

For example; If you search for “Nova” from the main hamburger menu then you will indeed find “The Nova League”. Previously it would not have come up unless you searched “The Nova” or similar. :+1:

I looked at other pages with search options and found that the Puzzles page also works with ‘contains’ which is handy if you want to search “Life and Death” or similar.

Unfortunately; In what may be an oversight, the Groups page search function still uses ‘begins with’ so searching “Nova” or “Title Tournaments” produces no results as the groups are called “The Nova League” and “OGS Title Tournaments” respectively.

Similarly with the search function in Game History. If I search “:dolphin:” I will get two results but if I search “Sofiam” it fails to find my frequent opponent (ie. :dolphin:Sofiam :dolphin:).

Nonetheless, loving the ongoing progress with site development. My thanks to all involved.


Are you sure it changed? Only the group search of the burger search menu does the contain search. The player and tournament search parts are (still) starts with.


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